Typical Day

Whilst we structure the day so that the children will learn through play, we also ensure they get plenty of fresh air outside in our outdoor class room, sensory and forest gardens. We also organise trips and outings for the older children to local places relevant to their current topics of interest, such as forest school to Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve and Ryton Pool and experiencing the past at Warwick Castle, St Johns and Market Hall Museum.

Cooking and gardening are part and parcel of the children's weekly activities; ensuring that they learn how food is grown, how meals are prepared and how bread, cakes and cookies are made. 

We understand some parents are keen for their children to be involved in extracurricular activities such as French and ballet lessons, and we are happy to organise these as optional activities if the demand is there. 

Below is a typical day at Jam Kangaroo Nursery. However, the programme varies throughout the week to cater for children who attend every day:

babies 2.jpg

Settling In

We will contact parents and carers to arrange a 'settling-in period' a few weeks before your child's first proper day in the Nursery. This could be for a couple of hours, half a day, or a few short visits over a week, depending on the child. This experience prepares you for the first occasion you leave your child at the nursery, ensuring a less fraught time for both of you!


08.00Free play, as children arrive.
09.00Registration (circle time, music or story time)
09.15Group activities: letters and sounds, and games etc
10.45Outdoor play


12.30 Storytime (Sleep for younger children)
13.00 Group activities, including music and movement
15.00 Outdoor play
15.45 High Tea
16.30 Story time followed by games, songs and rhymes
17.00 Outdoor Play
18:00 Home