3 - 5 Years

Building a child's confidence, self esteem and respect for others, plays a huge part in the aims of our Nursery. We adopt a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom so that the children progress at their own pace. Teaching is carefully planned but informal. Together with you, we will work to fully prepare your child for the challenges of infant school and work towards achieving the early learning goals for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Pre-School environment is decorated with colourful displays, including examples of the children's work connected with the current topic of learning. Interest tables are set at child height, with properly labelled objects for children to handle and explore.  Gradually the children will be introduced to numbers, letters and sounds as well as basic reading and writing skills.

'Messy' play and memory games are introduced to start developing exploration of space and new textures. Computers will be used to develop concentration, hand-eye coordination and recognition skills. Musical exploration, physical activities, gardening, art and craft sessions are encouraged throughout the nursery

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Preparing for School

In pre-school we prepare the children for reception class. For example, in order to develop reading and writing skills, we encourage children to write at every opportunity; labeling pictures, writing their name, and creating lists during role play. We also teach jolly-phonics and play letter and sound games to learn the initial sounds of words and start to segment and blend words.