We provide a variety of nutritious home-cooked meals, catered to individual dietary or religious requirements. Plenty of conversation at meal times is encouraged and we even begin to introduce basic table manners.

For older children

Breakfast 8:30

An assortment of cereals, or a selection of toast and teacakes and a drink, such as milk, fruit juice or water.

Snack 10:00

Fruit, crackerbread, breadstick or vegetable crudite.

Lunch 11:45

Main Course - Shepherds pie with carrots, peas and gravy, For dessert - Apple pie and custard or Fruit Salad.

Tea 15:45*

Assorted sandwiches or Vegetable Soup and Bread roll Dessert - Fromage Frais.

For babies

We will provide a range of purees for weaning, starting with vegetables and adding chicken and fish when parents wish to. When ready the babies can move on to pureed, roughly chopped versions of the main menu. Please talk to the baby room staff when you feel your child is ready for the next stage of weaning.