0 to 24 months

Happy babies need structure, routine and familiarity as much as freedom and flexibility to explore, learn and grow. Jam Kangaroo babies have the benefit of a stimulating room with varied, age-appropriate play equipment. These include: soft play toys, shape sorters, heuristic and sensory play to encourage coordination and social skills. We also provide baby swings, sit and ride toys, tunnels, balls etc, to encourage walking and gross motor development

Communication is one of the more essential parts of every day life, so the earlier we learn how to do this the better.  Baby signing accompanied by speech has been proven to improve babies IQ by 10%. With these in mind, we have introduced a programme called 'signing with your baby'. It is based on simple hand gestures, which enable pre-verbal babies to communicate their needs and observations to us, and to you. We start by teaching the babies everyday words such as 'more', 'eat' and 'milk'. This programme is introduced to our babies as young as 6 months.

Baby signing helps adults focus on the child and really understand what they are doing and ‘saying’. This helps them bond enormously. I have found that children who have been signed to are great little communicators and hardly draw breath.
— Principal at the School of Emotional Literacy in Gloucester.

We will always keep you fully informed of your child's day through a daily diary. Love and cuddles are plentiful at Jam Kangaroo and your baby can be assured of lots of individual as well as group attention.


Kangaroo Cuddles

Research has shown that “Kangaroo Care” - holding an infant in direct contact with the skin like marsupials keeping their young warm and nourished in their pouch, helps the child to:
  • Sleep better
  • Cry less
  • Breathe more regularly
  • Gain weight faster
  • Bond with the parent

    At Jam Kangaroo, we believe that all children thrive on love, so you can expect plenty of “kangaroo cuddles” for your child.